Downloading the Code#

You can download the Combustion Toolbox from several sources:

MATLAB FileExchange

Installing the Code#

To install the Combustion Toolbox, you can use the provided INSTALL.m file. Here’s how to install the toolbox:

  1. Navigate to the directory where you downloaded the code.

  2. Run the INSTALL.m file using the following command in the MATLAB Command Window:

  1. This will add the necessary folders to the MATLAB path and also install the Combustion Toolbox GUI. You can now use the Combustion Toolbox in your MATLAB code.

If you wish to install the GUI only, you can run the following command:

INSTALL('install', 'gui')

Alternatively, you can execute the combustion_toolbox_app.mlappinstall file in the MATLAB Command Window to install the GUI, which will be available through the MATLAB Apps Toolbar.

To install the standalone version, simply execute combustion_toolbox_standalone_windows.exe for Windows or for macOS, both found in the installer folder. This royalty-free version requires MATLAB Runtime framework (automatically installed during installation, requires an internet connection).

Using the Combustion Toolbox#

The Combustion Toolbox can be used in two ways:

  • Using the MATLAB’s desktop environment to obtain all the versatility of the plain code.

  • Using the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and forget about code.

To use the Combustion Toolbox in the MATLAB desktop environment, you can call the functions from your MATLAB code directly, e.g., App().

To use the GUI, simply type combustion_toolbox or combustion_toolbox_app in the MATLAB Command Window, or click on the app icon in the MATLAB apps toolbar. This will open the Combustion Toolbox GUI, which provides a user-friendly interface for accessing and using the package.


If you encounter any issues during the installation process or while using the Combustion Toolbox, please refer to the “Issues” section of the GitHub repository or contact us directly at for assistance.